Redıscover the Classıc Snake Game

Snake Online is a modern take on the classic snake game. It offers challenging levels, a variety of customization options and the opportunity to compete with players from around the world. Start playing now to rediscover the fun and take your place on the leaderboard.

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Action Game of the Month – Snake Online

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Game of the Day – Snake Online

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Versatıle Adventure, Endless Excıtement!

Welcome to Snake Online - where every turn is a new adventure! Try to become the biggest snake in Classic mode, take down your opponents in Death Match, or race against time in Timeline. Survive in a shrinking field in Battle Royale and hunt for treasure in Treasure Hunt. Enhance your gameplay with features like Magnifier, Magnet, and Multipliers. Perform sudden maneuvers with the Quick Turn and stay in constant power with the Life Potion. Snake Online is a world where every snake can become a legend - take part in this thrilling journey!


In Snake Online’s Classic Mode, grow your snake to outpace your opponents and become the biggest snake ever. Use your speed and strategy to survive in a never-ending adventure. In this mode, your reflexes and quick thinking will take you to the top.


In Death Match mode, a fierce battle awaits you. Become the strongest surviving snake in this deadly battle with other snakes. Defeat your opponents and enjoy victory in this dangerous arena.

Time Tunnel: Race the Clock, Be the Greatest

In Timeline mode, compete to become the biggest snake within the given time limit. In this exciting mode, your speed and strategy will put you on the path to victory. Every second counts, so move fast and achieve victory.

War for Space: Last One Left to Win

In Battle Royale, use your skills to survive as the playing field shrinks. Defeat your opponents and be the last snake standing in a shrinking field. This mode will test your survival skills and strategy.

Treasure Hunt: Be Fast, Be Rich

Compete with other players to collect the most treasure in Treasure Hunt mode. Defeat your opponents and claim your victory as the richest snake. Your reflexes and strategy will give you the edge in this fast-paced adventure.

Snake Onlıne Download Play

Ready for an exciting crawl? Packed with a variety of game modes and innovative features, Snake Online is the pinnacle of mobile entertainment. Available on iOS and Android – download now and get adventuring!

Rewrıte the Rules of the Game!

A unique adventure in every feature! Up your game and surprise your opponents with special powers from the Magnifier to the Life Potion, from 2x to 5x Multiplier. Become a legend in a world of speed, strategy and excitement!

2x Multıplıer

Activate 2x Multiplier, multiply your score.


Explore the world and watch your competitors.

5x Multıplıer

Increase your score with a 5x Multiplier.


Maintain health and speed up with the Life Potion.


Attract gold and fodder and increase your wealth rapidly.

10x Multıplıer

Double your score and overtake the competition in an instant!

Fast Return

Surprise your opponents with fast reaction ability.


Use the radar to spot enemies in the surroundings.


Your Snake

As you progress through the game, your snake gets stronger and stronger. Strategically outsmart your opponents by gaining new abilities and power-ups and climb your way to the top of the leaderboards!

Create Your
Own Style

In Snake Online, create your own unique style with countless skin and accessory options. Customize your character and stand out on the playground!

Specıal Vıews Explore

Be the most striking player in the game with stunning skins in Snake Online. Dress up your snake with amazing skins and make a style statement in the arena!

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